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Jewish Tour in Quito - Ecuador

Our hallmark is that all our guides are ACTIVE MEMBERS of the Local Community, and that our tours are organized hand by hand with local institutions.

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By this tour, travelers can learn about Jewish life in Quito, Ecuador.

Places to visit:
* Inside visit to Jewish Community
* Visiting the Jewish School (the inside visit depends if it is open or not)
* Embassy
* Jewish Cemetery
* Jewish neighborhood

Duration: 3 hours.

The Jewish Tour in Quito includes:
* Private Tour
* Pick up and Drop off in Hotel
* Transport
* Bilingual guide, member of the Jewish Community.
* Management to enter to Jewish places

** It takes, at least, 5 working days to book the service prior to the date of the tour.

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Important: The photos of the promotional flyer are for reference and the places to visit during the tour are subject to availability and personalized organization of the itinerary, according to the interests of each passenger.

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More information about the places we visit in the tour

Jewish Community of Ecuador (Synagogue and Community Center)

Jewish Community of Ecuador (Synagogue and Community Center)

Rab: Nir Baruch Koren [email protected] Jewish Community of Ecuador is the umbrella organization that serves as home and representation for the Jewish community of Quito. The synagogue, the club and Hanoar Hatzioni youth movement func...

Albert Einstein School

Albert Einstein School

In May 1973, a group of members of the Israelite Welfare Association of Quito, now Jewish Community of Ecuador, decided to start a school with a kind of education based on a constant search for academic excellence, that would open its doors...

Jewish Cemetery of Quito

Jewish Cemetery of Quito

A few meters away from the general cemetery in the north of Quito is the Jewish cemetery, distinguishable for its burial sites that take place straight on the land and the Star of David present in its graves that carry Hebrew inscriptions. ...

Plaque donated by the Jewish community of Quito to the Cathedral

Plaque donated by the Jewish community of Quito to the Cathedral

It was donated in 1951. It is in the Quito Cathedral.

Beit Chabad Ecuador

Beit Chabad Ecuador

Rab Tomer & Rivka Rotem Chabad House in Ecuador was founded in Adar 5764, March 2004, by Rabbi Rotem and his wife, emissaries of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneersohn. The Jewish community of Ecuador is concentrated mainly in two cities,...

History of Jewish immigration

Some few families of origin "Sephardic marranos " stood at the south end of the eighteenth century, and some of them in the capital of Quito and its main port.

The Jewish Community of Quito was founded in 1938, when an increasing number of European Jews began arriving in Ecuador before the start of the II World War.

During and following the war years the community had about 5,000 members.

In the 70, there was a new wave of immigration to Argentina and Chile.

Currently, has about 600 people very activists.
The community has decreased cause most of college-age young people leave the country to study abroad and do not return to the country. Most settled in the United States and Israel.

The community has the Alberto Einstein School, who despite being an independent school, was sponsored by the Jewish Community .

The new community center was built and completed in 2000 and has one of the most beautiful synagogues in America.

A little about the country

Ecuador is a country of America, that has an area of ????283,561 km approximate.

There are more than 14 million people (by census 2010).

Ecuador is listed as the largest exporter of bananas in the world and one of the leading exporters of flowers, shrimp (prawns) and cocoa.

Politically, it is a democratic, participatory and unitary republic.
The administrative division of the country, in the geographical sense is divided 4 natural regions, while in the political field is composed of 24 provinces.
The seat of government and capital city of Quito, while the financial and commercial center and main seaport is the city of Guayaquil.

In Ecuador there are 70 volcanoes, being Chimborazo, the highest volcano.

The spanish language coexists with several indigenous languages ????(Quechua, Shuar , the Tsafiqui ) recognized as co-official.

The currency is the american dollar.