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Jewish City Tour in Panama


Through this tour travelers can learn how community life was born and developed in Panama.

Our hallmark is that all our guides are ACTIVE MEMBERS of the Local Community, and that our tours are organized hand by hand with local institutions.

The intention of the tour is to visit (outside and inside) some institutions and places knowing about the history and the Jewish community life in Panama.

* 5 different Synagogues (Ashkenazi and Sephardic). (Clarifying that interior visits to synagogues are subject to authorization safety measures from Rabbinate)
- Synagogue Shevet Ahim
- Synagogue Ahabat Trion
- Synagogue Ateret Yoseph
- Synagogue Ashkenazi Beth-El
- Synagogue Sefaradi en Pacifica

* The Hebrew Club

* A mikve (only if it is open)

* Hebrew School (outside visit)

* Jewish neighborhoods in Paitilla and Pacifica.

* Kol Israel Shearith Synagogue in East Coast and
* Isaac Rabin School in City of Knowledge (both optional visits depending on the time of excursion)

Duration: 3.30 hours - Morning Tour

From Monday to Friday.
On Saturdays and Sundays this tour is not performed.
Sundays only in exceptional cases (it´s mandatory to do the security interview the Friday morning before the tour)

** It takes, at least, 5 working days to book the service prior to the date of the tour.

To know the tour price, please email: [email protected]

SPECIAL PROMO: 5% off from the total, when booking Jewish tours in more than one city.

I) 4.30 Hours Tour: visiting and walking around the old city
II) Full day: Jewish tour + Old City + Museum and Panama Canal (7/8hours)
** Please ask for Full Day prices by email: [email protected]

Optional: Lunch at the Club Hebrew (Jalav), not included.

Included: Specialized Jewish guides, English - Spanish - Hebrew speaking guides. Transportation with air condition. Entrance fees for all sites indicated.
Pick up and drop off from the hotel or Cruise Port.

Not included: Meals and Tzedakah in Jewish sites

++ To enter the institutions/synagogues is essential to send a copy of the passport one week before. (income is subject approval of the institution)

++ Clarification: due to security measures, all passengers must complete, at least one week before the reserved date, an online form with full details of travelers. Admission to institutions subject to the approval of community safety staff. Failure to enter, the tour will be all from outside institutions telling about the history of the Jewish community in Panama.

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Important: The photos of the promotional flyer are for reference and the places to visit during the tour are subject to availability and personalized organization of the itinerary, according to the interests of each passenger.

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More information about the places we visit in the tour

Beth El Synagogue

Beth El Synagogue

Orthodox denomination. Chabad Center. Rabbi Aharon Laine (Ari) - (ashkenazi shul and the Rabbi is chabad) The Ashkenazi community of Panama City was founded in the 1940s by a few migrant families who arrived before World War II. Duri...

Albert Einstein Hebrew Institut

Albert Einstein Hebrew Institut

The Albert Einstein Institute, founded in 1955, is religious-Zionist philosophy and adds about 750 students students from kindergarten to secondary. Despite taught between 8-15 hours per week of Jewish Studies, the curriculum of the esta...

Shevet Ahim Israelite Society

Shevet Ahim Israelite Society

The synagogue is in the neighborhood of Bella Vista. Orthodox denomination, Jalavi. A group of immigrants of Syrian origin, decided to form the Jewish charitable society paramount to help Jews coming into the country, fleeing persecut...

Hebrew Academy Magen David

Hebrew Academy Magen David

The Hebrew Academy of Panama, Maguen David, was founded in 1979 with the aim of providing a means more observant environment. Today enrolled in their classrooms about 400 students. Magen David Academy is an educational institution th...

Kol Israel Shearith Congregation

Kol Israel Shearith Congregation

Progressive denomination. Rabbi: Gustavo Kraselnik It was the first congregation - Kol Shearith Israel - founded by Sephardi Jews of liberal religious worship from the Caribbean and the Netherlands in 1876. Today it is identified ...

Yitzhak Rabin School

Yitzhak Rabin School

Is the school of the Kol Israel Shearith community. Yitzhak Rabin School is an alternative that offers a pluralistic Jewish education focused on Israel, Jewish history and culture and academic excellence in general studies. About to t...

Beth Chabad Panama

Beth Chabad Panama

It is located on the street Gil Colunge, house 13B (next to the salon Louis Alberto) in Paitilla, Panama City. The directors are: Rabbi Mendi and Mrs. Bracha Karniel ** Travelers can ask for stay at Chabad house Panama on a basis of a...

Ahavat Sion Synagogue

Ahavat Sion Synagogue

Orthodox, Sephardi Rabbi Haim Levi y Rabbi Ytzhak Shrem Built in 2010, it is the branch of Shevet Ajim in Paitilla town.

Bnai Brith Panama

Bnai Brith Panama

Bnai Brith is a non-governmental organization with deep philanthropic orientation and human rights, currently has subsidiaries worldwide, with a presence recognized by the United Nations. This year he turned 170 years since its founding.

History of Jewish immigration

Jews come to the shores of the Isthmus of Panama from the first explorations of the Spaniards and along the conquest.
However, those who arrived with the Spanish expeditions lived concealing their faith and traditions, and that under the Spanish Empire was the Inquisition and the Jews were persecuted for their religious beliefs.

Middle of last century, they began arriving in Panama Jews from the Caribbean in search of a better future. The immigration of Jews from Curacao and Aruba intensified with the construction of the railway and the time of the California Gold Rush, which in 1849 became the Isthmus transit instead of adventurers.

In 1876, a group of Sephardic Jews from the Caribbean and Europe founded the Benevolent Society and Funeral Kol Shearith Israel, which became a congregation in 1936.

Late last century and early today, they began arriving in Panama other Sephardic Jewish families from Morocco, Bulgaria, Egypt. Set out in the countryside, others in the cities of Panama and Colon.

World War II brought new waves of Jews contingencies and refugees. Many Jewish families emigrated from Europe arrived under this cozy Republic. The final years of the forties and early fifties, witnessed a wave of migration of families from Syria, mainly in Aleppo.

In 1963, together with other congregations and Jewish organizations in Panama, KSI co - founded the Council of Jewish Communities.
In 1979, the Congregation decided that women should be allowed to read the Torah from the pulpit. In 1989 , after the invasion of Panama and the fall of the military dictatorship that had ruled the country since 1989 , KSI again rises up to the occasion and do important social work, assisting those disadvantaged with their needs basic.

The Jews who arrived in Panama did to stay, so they opted for Panamanian nationality. Already by the 1990s Jews Panamanians are actively integrated in all areas of socio-economic life of the country.

The Jewish population in Panama is about 8,000, and is concentrated in the City of Panama. According to the World Jewish Congress, in the past two decades immigration has tripled the number of Jews in the community , which includes over 1,000 Israelis.

The four synagogues, and the four Jewish schools in the country represent the variety of traditions in the community as such.
These four schools, each with its own distinctive ideology, home to 98 percent of the school-age population of the Jewish community.

The Jewish community of Panama is the largest importer of kosher products throughout the region. Its amazing that this community, despite its small size, can hold a number of kosher restaurants, two shojatim (ritual slaughterers) fulltime four bakeries, two cheese factories and two kosher supermarkets, one of which it is the world except Israels largest kosher supermarket.

Panamanian Jews do not assimilate or emigrate in substantive amounts, and most of its members activated in Jewish life.

A little about the country

The Republic of Panama, is a country located southeast of Central America.
The country is the geographical setting of the Panama Canal, designed to facilitate communication between the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and that significantly influenced world trade. Its status as a transit country in the early became a meeting point of cultures from around the world.
According to the census of 2010, Panama has a population of 3,322,576 inhabitants.

The December 31, 1999, in full compliance with the Torrijos -Carter Treaties, the Republic of Panama assumed full control of the Panama Canal.
The Republic of Panama is an Independent and Sovereign State.

The political division of the Republic of Panama 9 provinces.

The Republic of Panama is an isthmus strip with a total area of 75,517 km, surface waters : 2,210 km. Total: 78,200 km

Generally has a tropical climate. The average temperature is 27C degrees.

The majority of the population speaks Spanish, which is the national and official language of the country only, but several indigenous languagesâ??â??, including Ngabere spoken by more than 133,000 people are also spoken. English also has some spread among the population.

The currency is the Balboa (official) (PAB ) and U.S. dollar ( legal tender) ( $, USD).