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Another Services

Judaic Tourism is a company that provides tours of Jewish sites, guidance for travelers and tourist services for Jewish travelers and others interested in learning about Jewish communities throughout Latin America. It is our mission to connect visitors with local Jewish communities and make them feel at home.

We offer a variety of individualized services.

Kosher Food for Travelers

Are you a traveler who keeps kosher? We have got you covered! We offer kosher meat while you travel to different Latin American cities. Please contact us in advance, so we may best help you.

Share Shabbat with a Local Family

We connect travelers with local families, so you can spend Shabbat with locals and learn more about Jewish life in the city you are visiting.

Event Planning and Tourist Services for Jewish Conferences

We offer a variety of services such as transfers, accommodation, food and excursions for organizations and international events in several countries.

For inquiries and/or hiring write to [email protected]