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The World Cup is the biggest sporting event worldwide.
Sports fans...Football fans are trapped for a month to each of the matches.
This huge tournament selects 32 countries that, while the days pass in competition have being eliminated.

In this context of euphoria, fanaticism and sports love, we find the way to live a unique experience!
Instead of competing, we seek to SHARE ...
Instead of letting out, we constantly try to CONNECT ...
Instead of selecting only 32 countries we seek to INTEGRATE members of the Jewish community worldwide.
Yes, "Jewish Connect at the World Cup," was an amazing experience that far exceeded our expectations and we really feel happy for making this possible.

During the first weeks of this global event we had the opportunity to organize beautiful Shabbat celebrations in different Brazilian cities and friendly football matches and Havdala celebration in Copacabana beach, where more than 100 Jewish soccer fans participated and was generated a climate of incredible meeting and connection between Jews from different countries.

Memories like the participation of almost 50 Jews from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Israel, Paraguay, Uruguay and other countries playing football in Hebraica Porto Alegre and ending the night with a nice dinner with the Rabbi of the community ... are beautiful images that will endure on our minds for many years.
And we feel proud not only for organizing this events..., also the virtual community created through twitter and facebook "Mundial Judaico" and groups like "Judos fanticos del ftbol" and "Metailim Israelim Vamundial" functioned as networks connecting all jews that visited Brazil for the World Cup, inviting and creating opportunities for exchange between the travelers themselves.

Honestly, the only words we have left to say is a thousand times: THANKS.
Thanks to each of those who trusted and supported this project
Thanks to each one of the Jewish travelers who participated in the activities and joined daily in social networks
Thanks to each one of the journalists who helped with promoting the project
Thanks to each one of the members of the Brazilian Jewish communities that opened their doors and their hearts to carry out this exciting project
and a huge THANKS for Schusterman Foundation for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to make this dream happen.