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Would you like to vacation at the beach or in the mountains?
Do you like traveling and visiting new cities?
Do you like taking pictures in amazing places?

But perhaps in your travel schedule you're losing other experiential tourism: Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is defined as "That trip motivated to know, understand and enjoy the set of features and distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional elements that characterize a society or social group-purpose"
Tourism attentive to the other's culture and reflexive identity.

The Cultural Tourism is very important for the present, preserving and enjoying cultural, historical and tourist heritage of the place.

The effects that generates the appropriate treatment of cultural tourism from the perspective of markets, has meant, customer satisfaction, heritage conservation for tourist use and economic and social development of communities from the generation of new jobs .

The tourism sector is a major economic forces in some regions and countries. Planning for a quality tourism services and respectful of the environment and social and human environment, should be based on sustainable and responsible tourism, ie a tourism that do support this activity, preservation and recovery cultural, social and environmental values, together with the development of local societies.

The Cultural Tourism not only offers a history and geography of intercultural dialogue through the centuries, but also, contributes to the debate on the future of intercultural dialogue in modern societies.

Cultural Demand includes visiting monuments, participation in festivals, ecotourism circuits or agrotourism, besides being a guarantee of promoting understanding between peoples.

Activities relating to cultural tourism constitute practical opportunities to encourage genuine dialogue between visitors and hosts, to promote new types of cooperation, better know the history, the heritage of the territories and contribute to economic and human development.

Cultural tourism is a tourist trip also motivated by knowing, understanding, preserve and enjoy cultural, historical and tourist heritage of the place.

JUDAIC TOURISM is a project that invites you to know and visit sites related to Judaism in Latin America.

So, on your next vacation schedule a day tour, half day or just an hour to meet and visit the sites that connect you with other aspects of the city.
And perhaps, with the deep roots of your own heritage.