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Address: Piedras 1164
Phonenumber: 4774-7577 / 4771-6249
Mail: [email protected]

The Synagogue in Piedras Street, called Bet-El, was founded in 1919.

In 1860, Jews from Morocco began to arrive, individually and discreetly, who settled in the old neighborhood of San Telmo. Their first religious services were celebrated in a private house.

In 1891 a greater migratory wave from Morocco to Argentina generated an increase in the number of members of the community, founding in 1891 the "Latin Israelite Congregation of Buenos Aires" (ACILBA).

In 1917, this congregation managed to buy land on 1164 Piedras Street to build its own Synagogue, inaugurated in 1919.
The name of the synagogue, "Bet-El", was chosen by the Board of Directors in 1920 on the occasion of the Hanukkah celebration.

The synagogue received Albert Einstein in 1925, during his visit to Argentina.

This synagogue, one of the most beautiful buildings of that time, is an example of Buenos Aires architecture from the 1920s. The project was in charge of José Tartaglia, an architect of Italian origin, not a Jew.

The building was declared a historical heritage of the city of Buenos Aires.

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