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Address: Rocha 1460
Phonenumber: 54-11-4302-2377
Mail: [email protected]

A couple of blocks from the Boca Juniors stadium, there is a synagogue founded in 1931, which was abandoned for years.

The synagogue, located on Rocha Street, was founded by Jewish immigrants from Russia and from a town called Zinkov in Ukraine, thats why its name.

The founders bought it with great difficulty and even had to ask for a mortgage in order to acquire it.
After several decades, the synagogue was sold to people outside the community, who left the place abandoned.

The Synagogue, beyond being a religious center, also served as the first home for many people. For years, families of Jewish immigrants arriving in Argentina slept in rooms at the bottom of the synagogue.

The Synagogue was recovered in August 2018, by Rabbi Shneor Mizrahi of Chabad La Boca.
In September 2018, the inauguration celebration was held with a new Sefer Torah and in November 2018 a Sium Masejet of a grandson of one of the founders of the Synagogue was held.

There is a plan of work restoration and there are already several projects.

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