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Address: Magallanes 1265
Phonenumber: +5411-4302-2377
Mail: [email protected]

Built in 1907, the synagogue Kneseth Israel, located on 1265 Magallanes Street, witnessed the arrival of the first Jewish immigrants from Europe, who settled in the neighborhoods of La Boca and Barracas.

Since its creation, an Ashkenazi sector (ground floor) and a Sephardic sector (upper floor) had been functioning.

Throughout the last century that immigration, mainly the Ashkenazi population, moved to other neighborhoods, such as Balvanera and Villa Crespo, and the temple was losing religious.
It worked continuously until in 1994 it closed.
When his last rabbi died, no one took charge of the building that was to be held by the Argentine Israel Mutual Association (AMIA).

A few years later, the place was taken by a man who is known by the alias of "Ramon, the star", a nickname that relates to the large number of stars of David in the building. This man is an -Squatter- who is accused of organizing parties of all kinds, many of them linked to groups of the skinheads movement and desecrated the temple with swastikas painted on the walls, skulls and anarchist and anti-Semitic symbols.

After intense work, the old Synagogue was recovered on August 7, 2019 and returned to Rabbi Shneor Mizrahi of Chabad La Boca, thanks to the help of the Buenos Aires police and the work of the City Government; Chabad Lubavitch Argentina, and Leandro Olsztajn.

Services are currently performed on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning.
Also, a group of volunteers are working on planning the restoration and development of projects to revalue this Synagogue.

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