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Address: Rua Conde de Bonfim 521, Tijuca
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Since 1908 due to the economic crisis and conflicts in the region of Southern Lebanon, the traditional Jewish families of Sidon began migrating to Brazil and settled in Rio de Janeiro.

In 1913, forty boys left Sidon in search of a new life in Rio de Janeiro.
In 1914, they founded the synagogue Bene Sidon.

In September 1931, the first synagogue was moved to Rua General Camara.

In 1952 he began an expansion project, and in 1960 was born the new synagogue, where the Temple of Sidon stands today.

While the main synagogue was built, a small synagogue, which had been built on the back of the property was used.
Today, the temple of Sidon has two synagogues, a small, for daily prayer, and other major for the "Sabbath" and festivities, recently modernized.

It is currently composed of more than 300 families.

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