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Address: Comandante Malbec 13210
Phonenumber: +562 29428623
Mail: [email protected]

The Interactive Jewish Museum of Chile seeks to inform, educate and disseminate to visitors, the history of the Jewish people with its peculiarities in context with the history of the world; and its impact on Western culture universal.

In turn, intended to honor all those who suffered from discrimination of any kind in history, be it social, racial, religious, ethnic and political; and particularly exemplified by those who lived through the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

The museum has the support of the Israeli Circle of Santiago.
Its development was led by the Melton Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and with the collaboration of the Foundation Memoria Viva.

The May 28, 2013 the Museum installed its first stone in the Israeli Circle of Santiago, and officially opened its doors on November 26, 2014.

The museum has two sections:
The tour of Jewish history and the Holocaust audiovisual tour.

The tour of Jewish History, approximately 120'-long integrates different activities:

** Projection of a special production by 360 degrees. After this, the group is divided to tour the museum in succession, accompanied by a guide. At the end of the historical route, subgroups meet again for the final activity.

** Activities on topics, Jewish and universal values and traditions, aimed at different ages and people who visit the museum.

** The exhibition about Jews of Chile and Bible Corridor.

The historical journey itself includes:

** The King David (Old Times) Sala.

** The Board of Rabbi Akiva (Second Temple period).

** The Maimonides Room (Middle Ages).

** The Herzl Room (Modern Age).

The closing is done in the Great Synagogue of the Community.

Seen only by reservation:
* Open Monday to Thursday and the first and third Sunday of the month.

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