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President: Jorge Abramovitz. The city of Iquitos is located in the Northern Rainforest in the East of the country. The Jews of Iquitos arrived through a different kind of immigration from the Jews of Lima. They descend from Morroccan Jews who arrived into the Amazons from Brazil and settled mainly in Iquitos, in the times of the famous "Rubber Fever" in the 1880s. Around 250 men arrived in search for a better life and fleeing the growing European antisemitism. Even though many left the town, those who remained married local women and had children. Many also became prominent political, economical and social leaders in the developing city. By 1909, the Jewish community of Iquitos had been organized into the "Israelite Society of Iquitos" and had even purchased land to build a cemetery. Throughout the years, the cemetery would remain as a strong reminder of the Hebrew roots of the town. However, due to the many years passed, the isolation and the religious influence of Amazonic women and Christian missionaries, Judaism in the community began to weaken. The "Israelite Society of Iquitos", which disappeared for years, was refounded and the small congregation began to pray on Fridays with the prayer books that Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein sent them. Today, the synagogue is open in the home of the Society's President, Jorge Abramovitz. The cemetery is an interesting historical place to visit.

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