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Address: Calle 17 esquina E
Phonenumber: (53)-7-832 6623 / (53) 5 272 6486
Mail: [email protected]

Denomination: Conservative.

Sepharad is the Hebrew word for 'Spain', which is why Jews of Spanish origin are referred to as Sephardi.

Little or nothing is known about Jewish life in colonial times. The origins of the current Jewish community of Cuba date from the year 1906, when the first organization is founded by Jews that came from the US, under the name United Hebrew Congregation.

The first wave of sephardim takes place in the years 1907-1908, with a wave of migration from Turkey and Syria.

1914 marks the time for the opening of a sephardic congregation with proper organization, under the name Shevet Ajim Hebrew Union.

In addition to their synagogue, sephardim founded the following organizations:
* Bikur Cholim Welfare Society in order to cater for the sick
* The Chevra Kadisha created in order to fulfill the sacred duty of burying the dead
* Theodor Herzl school to transmit Jewish values through education.

The Sephardic Hebrew Center in Havana, Cuba, became the second synagogue in the country to affiliate to the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

This community has also the building of the Chevet Ahim Synagogue, built in 1914 and the oldest in Cuba.
It is currently closed and it not used for ritual services.

That historical synagogue is located at Inquisidor Street, between Luz and Santa Clara, in Old Havana.

This building is property and is administered by the Sephardic Center.
It can be seen through previous appointment by email: [email protected]

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