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Address: Yrigoyen 291
Phonenumber: 03455-491237 /491021/491141
Mail: [email protected]

Contact: Rodolfo Dorfman. President: Abraham Kreiserman. The Province of Entre R�os was a privileged part of the process through which in the late 19th century and early 20th century, thousands of Jewish immigrants left fear and persecution behind, to leave space for hope in a land that promised them freedom and work. The Jewish Colonization Association (JCA) created by Baron Maurice Hirsch set the bases for Jewish colonization in Argentina, which was based on an agricultural project that was developed in different provinces of the country. In the first years of the town, artisans and minor businessmen built a small synagogue which also serves as a Talmudic Study House and was later used exclusively by the Hebrew School. The current temple was built between 1911 and 1917. The facade is surprising because of its bare bricks that are combined with a light colored entrance, while its interior is brightly colored. Dim and clear lights enlighten the Aron Hakodesh (Ark that stores the Torah scrolls), located on a small stage. Inside there are three Torah Scrolls that were brought by the first immigrants from Russia and Poland. The temple is dividied in two stories. The upper part is for women, who used to be separated from the men during religious services. In the 1980s this ancient practise was abandoned and ever sinc then, men and women sit together during ceremonies. The synagogue is currently restored and in a well kept state.

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