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Address: Lavalle 2441/9
Phonenumber: 4961-9299 /1615/5895

It was founded by a group of Syrians from Aleppo.

The congregation included a kindergarten, elementary school and high school as well as institutes of training for teachers and rabbis.

Yeshiva Bet David is also active in the temple under the direction of Rab Abraham Chehebar shelita, and kolel Ohel Itzchak is in the hands of Rab Ezra Duek shelita.

The temple was amde by engineer Jacobo Sirlin.

It was created by Rabbi Shal Sitheon Dabbah with the support of Abraham Paredes, Jose Zaed and Mair Masri as lay leaders.

Yesod Hadat was established o 20 April 1920 and since its origins this organization aimed towards becoming a broad based organization that would gather most of the families from Aleppo.

That is the reason why they decided to creat the Yesod Hadat school in 1930.

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