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Address: Paso 423
Phonenumber: 011- 4951-2306
Mail: [email protected]

The Great Paso Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in Argentina. Its imposing construction, historical heritage of the city, contemplates the most beautiful of Ashkenazi (European) iconography, from which its founders originated.

Russian and Polish immigrants founded in 1894 the first Talmud Tora Harishono (initial study of the sacred texts), the first Jewish teaching institute that was established in the country. In 1927, Talmud Torah Horishono merged with Dr. Herzl School.

A few years later the project for the construction of the Great Synagogue on Paso Street had begun, whose works extended until 1929; the new Talmud Torrah Horischono and Dr. Herzl were installed in the basement of the new building.
Today, that space was recycled as a synagogue and house of studies, a huge fully equipped social event hall.

The 1920s was one of the most important in the life of the temple and the school. In February 1923, Rabbi David Isaac Maler assumed the religious direction, arrived from Russia a year earlier.

The Synagogue is an important religious piece located on 400 Paso street, in the traditional Once neighborhood.

Current spiritual leadership: Rabbi Yosi Baumgarten

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