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Address: Brandsen 1444

Sephardic Orthodox denomination.

Around 1920, a new Arab Jewish immigration appears in Buenos Aires, arriving from Syria (Damascus) and Lebanon, which founded its synagogue, the Israelite Sephardic Or Torah Association, on October 17, 1920.

In 1923, the Brandsen 1444 (La Boca Neighborhood) property was acquired, with the purpose of building a community center and a Synagogue, which was inaugurated in 1929 based on the plans of an oriental style synagogue in Beirut or Damascus.

It was designed by the Italian architect Cayetano Valentini and the construction was done by Leonardo Valentini and children, beginning in 1930.

The building shows an oriental style of building, presenting a large central porch with an onion-shaped dome, which rises above the neighborhood.
Inside there is an Andalucian-styled yard with multicolored tiles.

In the dome of the synagogue of Or Torah, a pasuk is written:
"Get up, wake up (people of Israel) because your light came with splendor and Hashem's honor is reflected in you (the final redemption)"

That phrase was suggested by Rabbi Yaacov Mizrahi, who led the Or Torah community.
The story tells, that Rabbi Mizrahi died the same shabbat that the Haftarah mentioned that phrase.

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