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Village in the north of the Province of Santa Fe founded by Jewish immigrants in 1889.

On 13 April 1999, through a Presidential Decree, the town of Moises Ville was defined as a National Historical Town.

The same degree determines that the Brener synagogue located in the town is National Historical Heritage. Among its characteristics, it was pointed out that Moises Ville... has been the first link in the chain of settlement of Jewish migratory waves in our country.

This experience and its testimonies are very much present in the traditional, religious, cultural and social values of this town...?, citing some relevant architectural examples and other testimonies to its high symbolic importante such as the Jewish Cemetery founded in 1891, the oldest one in the country.

Moises Ville is located in the North West of the Province of Santa Fe in Argentina.
It is 616 Km away from the City of Buenos Aires.

Many are the places to visit which speak of the history of the Jewish Community and its arrival in Argentina:
* Kadima Hall
* Brener Synagogue
* Baron Hirsch Synagogue
* Arbeter (Workers) Synagogue
* Centennial Forest (Lithuanian Synagogue)
* Baron Hirsch People's Library
* Iosef Draznin Seminary and Iahaduth School
* Schools
* Communal and Jewish Colonization Historical Museum Aaron Halevi Goldman
* Centennial Fountain
* Israelite Aid Society and Boarding Schools
* San Martin Square
* Baron Hirsch Square
* Former Israelite Bank
* Immigrants Promenade
* Town Streeets and Surroundings

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