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Address: Av. Las Condes 8361
Phonenumber: ( 56 2) 2098080
Mail: [email protected]

Israelit Sefaradi Community of Chile
Maguen David Synagogue

Conservative denomination.

Espiritual Lider: Rab. Daniel Zang

The synagogue is inside the Israelit Maccabi Estadium.

Although some Sephardim arrived during the Spanish colonization, most Sephardim arrived to Chile in the early twentieth century essentially of Monastir (Bitola) and Smyrna.
They settled in Temuco, Valparaiso, Santiago, La Serena and Ovalle, among other cities.

In 1924, 30 Sephardic Jews of Santiago decided to found a Sephardic Community, and in 1925 inaugurated the headquarters in Santa Isabel 356.

In 1926 the cemetery was opened, and in 1927 they obtained legal status, forming the first directory.
In 1945 they laid the first stone of the Magen David Synagogue on the street Santa Isabel 80, inaugurating the new synagogue in 1946.

By the late 1950s the CIS goes through problems and some members withdrew, but a few years later the community reactivated, and in 1964 they created the "Central Sephardic".
In the year 1994, they formally inaugurated the Sephardic Museum.

In 2011, the Sephardic Community moves to the Maccabi Stadium facilities in Avenida Las Condes, opening there its Synagogue.

Inside the Synagogue works also:
* The Sephardic Museum
* The Institute of Sepharadian Studies
* and the Sepharad Choir

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