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Address: Calle Dr. AlejoMartinez y Calle Dr. Rosen, en El Batey (Situado junto al resort Casa Marina Beach)
Phonenumber: 1-809-571-1386
Mail: [email protected]

Sosua was founded by Jewish refugees who were fleeing World War II.

The city prospered greatly and they have created a milk processing factory. Most of the Jewish migrants are not there anymore, but the milk produced by "Sosua Products" continues to be a success to this day, having been bought by a mexican multinational corporation.

Until 1980, the city was still totally Jewish. However, after the opening of the Puerto Plata International Airport, very near the town, at the west of Sosua, the town has become an important touristic destination because of its beach.

Today, only a few Jewish families remain in Sosua, but the most important thing is that the Community is still active.

The Sosua Synagogue is one of the buildings that have remained as legacy of the Jews of the early days that has been manained and it´s used during the Jewish festivities.

Beside the Synagogue there is a Museum, which is currently undergoing repairs for its future reopening to the public.
They also have a collection of more than 1,000,000 DORSA files and original families, which are currently being digitized.

To visit the synagogue, you must request an appointment by sending an email to: [email protected]

It is also possible to offer visitors a more complete tour of the town, to see other interesting Jewish sites and historical relevance places in Sosua.
Those interested please contact Judaic Tourism.

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