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Address: Avenida Guardia Civil 175
Phonenumber: +51 1 475-9005
Mail: [email protected]

The August 31 1940 was founded Bikur Holim - Chevra Kadisha.

The Bikur Holim, is a nursing home that provides services in terms of quality of life for the elderly and needy people in the community.

It offers 2 different types of services: houses to Jewish elderly who have no family or keep them a place to live and also offers a hotel as a cost for elderly people living alone and prefer to live accompanied by more people. In addition to hosting services, the Bikur offers a service called Jevra Kadisha that takes care of all the burials of the Jewish community in Lima.

Today in the Bikur the expenditures are greater than the income so it is necessary to collaborate with donations for the Bikur may continue to exist.

It is important to have a place like the Bikur Holim for older people in the community to live without feeling alone and where they can receive visits from different people including school children, indispensable for the full life of the elderly.

For more information or contact please write to: [email protected]

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