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Address: Calle de los Manzanos 610
Phonenumber: 218-3040 Fax 264-2107
Mail: [email protected]

It is the only Jewish school in Peru, belonging to the Jewish Association of Peru.

It serves initial and secondary education, primary to the children of its members, covering children between 2 and 17 years. It began operations in 1946 and has graduated more than 1,600 students since.
As the only Jewish school, it is one of the central sites that brings together the Jewish community.

The story of Leon Pinelo School starts in March 1945 when Nathan Bistritzky, educator trained in Europe, arrived in Peru with the desire to create a Jewish school to guide the youth of the country and allow them to grow within their traditions . Only the existence of a community school, is achieved incorporate history, language, festivities and traditional customs of the Jewish people in the lives of these families.

That same year, College Pro-born Hebrew Committee whose primary mission is to make the dream of a Jewish school in Peru reality, despite being one of the smaller communities worldwide. Thanks to the will and the drive of the participants, the Ministry of Education by the historian Luis E. Valcarcel, gives final approval, during the administration of President Bustamante y Rivero.

At that time they hire Dr. Manuel Beltroy, renowned professor at the National University of San Marcos, as the first Director of the school; and it was he who suggested the name "Leon Pinelo" honoring Antonio, Juan and Diego, descendants of a Jewish family that stood out in colonial times in all areas of culture brothers.

With a modest furnishings, a young staff and an anxious community, they started they activities in May 4, 1946 with only 33 students.

The first four years, the school was located in Calle General Varela Brena district. Then he went for six months to Sephardic Temple premises and later the home of Av. Brasil in Jesus Maria staying there until 1954.
Finally, on April 11 of that year, acquired a separate room at Los Manzanos 610, San Isidro (today Maimonides street) district of San Isidro, where they are now.

Throughout the years the Leon Pinelo School has had senior professionals as Directors (Beltroy Manuel Victor Rabanal, Alfonso Paz Soldan, Idel Vexler) and Pedagogical Supervisors (Abraham Stempel, Ernesto Ehrmann Jacques Messinger, Moshe Cohen, Eliahu K'hati, Tzvi Aviel, Gideon Sela, Ari Loebl, Mali Gal, and Leon Trahtemberg); all outstanding men and women who have marked the path of progress in the institution.

Since its foundation the school has seen hundreds of students graduated, all with a high level of education and a strong sense of Jewish identity. The large majority of Leon Pinelo College graduates continued their studies at universities of Peru, Israel, the US and the world, working in the professional world with great success both here and abroad.

For more information or contact please write to: [email protected]

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