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This sculptural pillars are called "Brotherhood among peoples"

It is located in the entrance of 'Sociedad Hebraica Argentina', over the security pillas protecting the JCC.

Throughout its history, Sociedad Hebraica Argentina has been loyal to its commitment towards the arts and the values of a democratic and solidary culture.

It is a work of plastic artist Leo Vinci.

The work costed approxmately 120,000 pesos, half of which were donated by members and funds of the organization while the other half was covered with 40 thousand pesos from the City Government and 20 thousand were contributed by Credicoop Bank.

This work was requested by Hebraica with the objective of adding art to the security blocks placed upon the entrance to its social center.

It is a monument to dialogue and union among nations.
The scuplture coveres all of the concrete blocks, symbolizing a large waving banner held by large hands and containing a stave (musical notation lines) which, instead of containing musical notes, displays the word "Peace" in different languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Greek and Chinese.

It is the product of more than a year's work.

It was inaugurated on 21 September 2006 in a public ceremony where three schools of different religions prayed for peace.

The Buenos Aires City Government has declared it a Site of Cultural Interest.

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