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Nothing stops us to keep traveling... now virtually from home!

Due to the worldwide pandemic we are not doing face to face activities, but we are offering amazing and educational VIRTUAL TOURS - ZOOM TOURS, from many cities.

Enter to this LINK to see the cities and sign up, so we can schedule a Virtual Journey for you.

Judaic Tourism, the social project that centralize LATIN AMERICA cities and communities now brings you closer the Jewish history and heritage of the Jewish Communities.
We offer the offical Jewish Tours, approved by local communities.

We continue our mission of spreading the history and Jewish heritage of the communities in Latin America offering: ZOOM TOURS - live presentations.

A virtual Journey, where a local guide - community member, will present the city through a live performance along with images, and where "virtual travelers" will visit and learn about this destinations, but also have the chance to comment & ask questions to the guide.

A "pack & go" proposal with many benefits:
* Invite virtual travelers to learn about new destinations
* Allows interactivity with a local member to learn about the Jewish Community visited
* Addresses a different topic than Covid, giving the possibility to relax the mind
* Promote learning and appreciation of our Jewish Communities and our heritage

Duration of the zoom meetings: around 60-80 minutes (according to the participants)
Cities we present:
* Buenos Aires
* Rio de Janeiro
* Santiago de Chile
* Panama
* Sao Paulo
* Mexico
* Santos
* Lima
* Montevideo
* Recife
* Curazao
* La Habana
* Jewish Colonies in Entre Rios, Argentina.

Contact us for more information.
You can learn more about our work to revalue the heritage and Jewish communities of Latin America at this link:

Here we share a video about the history of the Jewish community in Latin America.

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