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JUDAIC TOURISM is a social project, carried out by members from local Jewish communities, with the mission of showing Jewish life in Central & South America cities and Worldwide.

As part of the NETWORK with members of Jewish communities in different cities, we offer tours and Jewish experiences around the world.

We would like to share an interesting proposal, carried out by our partners / fellow travelers of DU KIUM (coexistence)

Du Kium (coexistence) is a cross-cultural project for all those who wish to rediscover Judaism in Spain, past and present.

It is encouraging to discover that despite the difficulties, in the Middle Ages Sefarad had the longest list of Jewish philosophers, poets, doctors, astronomers, accountants, rabbis, mathematicians and scholars and through historically accurate tours the goal is to foster important social change making past dreams and ambitions a future reality.

Going through one of the best preserved Jewish neighborhoods in Spain, visitors will retrace the footsteps of the great Jewish thinkers of the past. Participants will discover the origins of the first great Jewish renaissance in Europe, as well as the difficult period that preceded it.

Through clues, tangible and intangible, participants will be able to appreciate the significance of Sephardi legacy.
Today, this legacy is alive and well, it permits us to reestablish local communities, and highlight the impact of Sepharad on the Spanish culture, and Spain on the Jewish people, creating a bridge that will lead us to a resurgence of Jewish Community in this century.

The proposal it´s like a journey, more than a mere tour... it is a conversation; an exploration of the Spanish Jewish Life in the Middle Age, for all who are interested in Jewish life.

In addition, these Jewish Tours provide meaningful, fascinating, and educational experiences through places profound Jewish heritage.

Cordoba has an important, rich and awe-inspiring Jewish and local history.
Our key to understanding it deeply is our vast knowledge. Even knowledge alone is not enough; it is also important to know how to enthusiastically relate it.

Participants will visit the key sites related to the Jewish past of the city, a tour focus on all aspects of Judaism in Cordoba.

Cordoba is magic.
Although one day it was the biggest city in the world, today it is small and therefore easy to visit in a day.
All the cultures that lived there have left untold treasures.

Visitors will find the only Medieval Mosque in Europe from the eighth century; the only Medieval Synagogue (year 1315) from Al-Andalus, the roman wall around the city or a Mudejar Temple, the Jewish Museum, the Rambams statue among many other things and surprisingly it is possible to visit all in one day.

Places to visit:
* Rambam Monument
* Medieval Synagogue of the year 1315
* Jewish Museum
* Maimonides Square
* Yehuda Halevi Square
* Jewish Street
* Judería Street
* Walls of the Jewish quarter and Jewish Gate.
* Place of the old Mikvé.
* Jewish Quarter to the Complete

** Visited sites can change according to availability and authorization of institutions.

DURATION: 3 hours
Walking Tour

Days offered: Flexibility. Everyday
* Schedule to be agreed with participants.
** It takes at least 5 business days to reserve the service, prior to the tour date.

** Tours offered in: English and Spanish.
The tours are conducting by a member of the local Jewish Community, passionate about the Jewish legacy in Andalusia, the preservation of this heritage as well as the promotion of Jewish Life in South Spain Today, and sharing their own experiences.

SPECIAL PROMO: 5% off from the total, when booking Jewish tours in more than one city

For questions or reservations, please contact email: [email protected]


Includes: Community guide and access to visited sites
Not included: Museum tickets, food or drinks.

Important: The photos of the promotional flyer are for reference and the places to visit during the tour are subject to availability and personalized organization of the itinerary, according to the interests of each passenger.

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