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"A TASTE OF JEWISH MONTEVIDEO” - Old City walking tour

We offer a fascinating way to explore Montevideo, visiting the most iconic
sites of “Ciudad Vieja” (Old Town) and discovering its hidden treasures.

This innovative walking tour tells the cultural history of Uruguay, exploring
experientially and interactively some of the most important components of our identity: the river, Carnival, Tango, soccer, “asado” and “mate”.

At the same time, the tour follows in the footsteps of Jewish immigrants, who settled in these lands as early as the colonial period.

This journey is a unique and memorable experience that will allow participants to
engage with Uruguay´s culture through dynamic and creative methodologies.

Duration: 3 hours (can extend, depending on the time of walking of participants)
Frequency: Everyday.

This is a PRIVATE walking tour, so the time can be adjusted to need of passengers.
We suggest from 9 to 12hs.

** English speaking guide, member of the local Jewish Community, specially trained, enthusiastic young people, anxious to transmit their passion for both Uruguayan and Jewish culture.
* Also hebrew speaking guides (to check availability on dates)

Places visited:
* Port & Port Market,
* Pérez Castellano Pedestrian Street
* “Sepharadic Old Town”
* Sepharadic Synagogue
* Zabala Square
* Sarandi Pedestrian Street
*Constitution Square
* Independence Square

-Optional visits: Carnival Museum, Gurvich Museum, Salvo Palace, Tango Museum.
• This tour itinerary is flexible to changes based on personal preferences and interests.

** We ask, at least, 3 days in advance to book the day of the tour.

1 passenger: USD 160.-
From 2 to 4 passengers: USD 90.- each one
5 or 6 passengers: USD 85.- each one
More than 7 passengers: USD 80.- each one
Groups up to 12 participants.

* The price includes the entrance fee to the Synagogue, and a Map.

** It is paid in advance.

Important: The photos of the promotional flyer are for reference and the places to visit during the tour are subject to availability and personalized organization of the itinerary, according to the interests of each passenger.

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History of Jewish immigration

It has taken 1907 as the beginning of Jewish immigration to Uruguay.
This first Jewish population, just as it was coming through the years, consisted of Jews Ashkenazim, and Jews Sephardim (the first from Central and Eastern Europe, while the latter from Turkey , Syria , Greece - - Ottoman) Empire.

On 21 September 1909, the first Jewish institution was founded in Uruguay "HEZRA " aimed at mutual aid and charity.
In 1911 the " DORSHEI ZION " organization task doomed to cultural forms.
In 1916, it was founded the " JEVRA KADISHA " (Ashkenazi) and " JESED SHEL EMET " ( Sephardic ).
These two institutions were created in order to provide burial according to the Mosaic tradition.
In November 1927 it was inaugurated the Ashkenazi cemetery, and in May 1922 the Sephardic Cemetery.
In 1920 a new wave of immigration appears creating new Jewish institutions and with the same largest Jewish cultural life .

A little about the country

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a sovereign state organized as a presidential republic.

It is administratively divided into 19 departments, being the capital Montevideo.
It has an area of 176,215 km ² and a population estimated at June 30, 2010, of 3,356,584 inhabitants.

The August 28, 1828 Preliminary Peace Convention in which the creation of an independent state was established was signed.

The climate in Uruguay is temperate and humid (average 17 ° C), with warm summers and more or less homogeneous precipitation throughout the year.

The currency is the Uruguayan Peso (UYU)