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Exciting tour to learn the history of the Jewish community in Valparaiso.
Get immersed in the beautiful experience of visiting the places where was born and happen the history and Jewish life in Chile.

Our hallmark is that all our guides are ACTIVE MEMBERS of the Local Community, and that our tours are organized hand by hand with local institutions.

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Description Jewish City Tour in Valparaiso:
* The Sephardic Synagogue "Max Nordau," with the oldest Sefer Torah of Chile, with over 100 years old, which is still preserved in good condition.
* The mural of the Menorah for Peace
* The Jerusalem Square
* The Mausoleum
* Victoria street and France avenue, to know about the history of jewish people that lived there.
* The Fireman station "Bomba Israel of Valparaiso"

Duration: 4 hours. Monday to Sunday morning or afternoon.

** It takes, at least, 5 working days to book the service prior to the date of the tour.

SPECIAL PROMO: 5% off from the total, when booking Jewish tours in more than one city.

PROMO PRICE: USD $140.- per person (indiv. price for a tour for 2 or 3 passengers)
For 4 to 6 passengers: USD $130.- per person
For 7 to 10 passengers: USD $110.- per person
Only one passenger: USD $240.-
** Starting in Santiago or pick up from San Antonio dock: Extra U$50.-(one way) and U$75 (round trip)

** The price not includes donations in Jewish sites.
** It is paid in advance.

a) Full Day Tour: Jewish places + highlights tourist attractions in the city.
b) Tour in Valparaiso + transportation to Santiago.
c) Ask also for Jewish City Tour in Santiago de Chile.

Included: Specialized guides, English-Spanish speaking guides. Transportation.
We manage the entrance for all sites indicated.
** Pick up from San Antonio cruise dock has an extra $ price.
Not included: Meals and Tzedakah in Jewish sites.

Important: The photos of the promotional flyer are for reference and the places to visit during the tour are subject to availability and personalized organization of the itinerary, according to the interests of each passenger.

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More information about the places we visit in the tour

Jerusalem Square

Jerusalem Square

Located in the very entrance to the city, this place was inaugurated in the year 2000 as part of the national campaign to get the city port to be declared cultural heritage of the city. It shows a stone that says “Jerusalem” surrounded by h...

Max Nordau Israelit Society

Max Nordau Israelit Society

The Israeli Instruction and Welfare Society Max Nordau, was founded on April 29, 1916, being built by Sephardic Jews who had immigrated mainly from Smyrna in Turkey and Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. After some years, t...

El Almendral Jewish neighborhood

El Almendral Jewish neighborhood

In the place of the former El Almendral Jewish neighborhood you can still find some houses displaying Jewish symbols both inside and outside. The street where a synagogue and the Hebrew school used to be was torn down in order to build the ...

Rabin Mural

Rabin Mural

Abstract mural with Jewish symbols. It is the largest mural in the world dedicated to the memory of Israeli Statesman, Prime Minister of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Yitzhak Rabin Z”L. The artist is Claudio Fraiman. It takes up th...

History of Jewish immigration

The first Jews that arrived in Chile was at the time of the Inquisition, the Spanish conquerors.

But from around 1840, begins the true immigration.

It was in Valparaiso where the first Jews from Europe, especially French and Germans came and then settled in Santiago, Valdivia, Puerto Montt, Temuco and La Union.
In the late nineteenth century, a new generation of Jews fleeing anti-Semitic policies of Czarist Russia installed in Santiago and south of the country.
In 1903 opens in the capital. Also in the Araucania other immigration Sephardic Jews of Macedonia was developed.

In 1920 there were 300 in Temuco Sephardic families and more than 900 Jews of Polish , Russian and Ukrainian origin. Temuco was the first city in Chile to have a synagogue and an Israeli club.

From 1933 to 1939, a new group of jews arrives fleeing persecution imposed by the Nazi regime in Germany , Austria and Czechoslovakia.

The community has 19,000 members, 16,000 live in Santiago, about 650 between in Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, 100 in Temuco and other small communities in Concepcion, La Serena and Iquique.

A little about the country

The Republic of Chile is a democratic unitary state of presidential character.
The country has 15 regions, 54 provinces and 346 municipalities in total, and its capital is the city of Santiago de Chile.

It has more than 17 million inhabitants and an area of ​​756,096.3 km. with island territories in the Pacific Ocean, as the "Juan Fernandez archipelago", the "Desventuradas Islands", the "Sala y Gomez Island" and "Easter Island", the latter two located in Polynesia.

The official language is Spanish.
The currency is the Chilean Peso.