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Judaic Tourism

What is ?

Judaic Tourism is a company that provides tours of Jewish sites, guidance and all kind of tourist services for Jewish travelers all those interested in learning about Jewish communities throughout Latin America.

We are a young company with enthusiastic professionals with many years of experience working in the Jewish community throughout Latin America.

We promote Jewish sites, enhancing their value to tourists and building connections between travelers and local Jewish communities around the world.

Judaic Tourism is a project that works to strengthen Jewish identity through the preservation and enhancement of Jewish heritage, and works to connect people with history, culture, and Jewish life in different cities of the world, transforming Jewish places into interesting and accessible tourist sites.

We offer information on Jewish sites and hubs in every corner of Latin America including museums, monuments, historic sites, synagogues and kosher restaurants.

Our goal is for Jewish travelers worldwide to spend at least a day, or even a few hours, of their vacation, connecting with their roots, visiting different places where with vibrant Jewish life and connecting with the local Jewish community in whatever city they may find themselves.

How do we work?

The company has a website that is like a travel guide presenting tourist information about Jewish places in different cities of Latin America including info from Jewish museums, monuments, historic sites, synagogues, and kosher stores and restaurants, among other locales.

WWe offer Jewish tours in several Latin American cities and all kind of tourist services to Jewish travelers during their trips.

Jewish tours and thematic trips are also offered in different cities around the world, working directly with local communities through specialized guides.

We offer a variety of travel services to Jewish travelers:
* Jewish City Tours and Heritage Trips
* Delivery kosher meals and booking in kosher restaurants
* Shabbat Dinners
* Transfer of taxis with drivers who speak Spanish, English and/or Hebrew
* Guidance about visits to synagogues
and everything a Jewish traveler needs?

To contact us you can do it through the website, via facebook or writing an email at: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.