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History of Jewish immigration

In the late 19th century, a small number of jews arrived in Honduras, mainly immigrants from Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Germany, Romania and Hungary), and a few of Sephardic origin, who arrived from Greece, Turkey and North Africa. These early immigrants came before the period of 1920 to 1935, when the Government announced its intention to welcome Jewish educators and professionals in Europe.

In 1939, restrictions were imposed on entry to Honduras blacks, Gypsies and Jews. However, a considerable number of Jews managed to reach the country with the help of consuls who were at the time performing in Europe.

In 1947 there were fewer than 140 jews in the country. To this number were added in 1948, 60 individuals who immigrated to Honduras. New immigrants tried to maintain, within its means, a Jewish way of life. Although they came from religious homes, were unsuccessful in their attempt to convey to the second generation their love for Judaism. Intermarriage and assimilation lifestyle were accepted.

In the '70s and early '80s a large group of Israelis came to Honduras to work in engineering, agriculture and security. They brought their families and a Jewish way of life.
In the past 15 years there has been a revival of Jewish life and both communities are very active.

Communities in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula grew more actively.

Another small group settled in a port city in the northeast , La Ceiba.

In 1998 , Hurricane Mitch destroyed the synagogue, which was part of the Jewish Community Center in Honduras, but the Jewish community contributed money to rebuild the Synagogue.

Today, services have Kabbalat Shabbat, celebrate Jewish holidays, keep Jewish customs, and have activities for children, as well as development activities for adults. They also have a private Jewish cemetery and a burial society (Chevrat Kadishah).

Nowadays there are about 50 Jewish families in Honduras affiliated with these communities.

Honduras is the only country in the world that had two jewish presidents, plus Israel: from 1847 to 1852 Juan Lindo and Ricardo Maduro.

A little about the country

Honduras is a Central American country with a presidential republican government.
It is divided into 18 departments, the cities of Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela together constitute the capital of the republic.

The territory of Honduras has an area of �??�??112,492 km, located in the center of Central America.

Honduras 's population is approximately 7.8 million people.

The form of government is republican, democratic and representative.

Over 80% of Honduran territory is mountainous, full of different types of forests. 40% of the country is tropical rainforest but also has 600 miles of gorgeous beaches, white sand on the Caribbean side and black sand beach on the Pacific coast. From June to November the " rainy season " is developed.

Spanish is the dominant language in the territory of Honduras, although in the Bay Islands English predominates because they are former British colonies.

The currency is the Lempira (HNL)