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Address: 104
Phonenumber: 25201013
Mail: [email protected]

The Israelite Center is Costa Rica's main Jewish organization and, among other activities, seeks to mantain and promote religious life, mutual aid, welfare, formal and non formal Jewish education and care for the elderly.

The Israelite Center runs the Ashkenazic Orthodox Synagogue, an orthodox cemetery and social and educational facilities.
It fulfills the religious needs of its members through the supervision of food in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and sale of kosher products.

If you are interested in visiting the Community Center or attend religious services, please send your personal information at least 7 days in advance to the following e-mail address:
[email protected]

You must include:
* A copy of the passport of people who are interested in visiting.
* Address and phone number of residence.
* Address and phone number of the synagogue you attend in your residence.
* If you know any member of our Community please let us know as well.

Please know that incomplete requests will not be considered.

The Center has Mikve for women, men and utensils.

The inmigrants started coming to Costa Rica from Europe (mainly from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Romania and Hungary).
The first immigration wave began in 1925, fleeing poverty and discrimination.
The second wave was of Holocaust survivors who went to Costa Rica, usually, to join relatives who had arrived earlier.

The first thing they did was to organize newcomers a community that would provide religious, social and educational services to its members.

In 1932 the first community building in Avenida 3 and Calle 6, and subsequently founded in 1934 the Jewish Zionist Center of Costa Rica as a communal entity, formally constituted as an association since 1937 is acquired.

The Israeli Center is the main Jewish Community institution Costa Rica and mutual aid, charity, formal and informal Jewish education and care of the elderly is responsible, inter alia, to maintain and promote religious activity.

The Israeli Center is responsible for managing the Orthodox synagogue, the Orthodox cemetery and social and educational facilities, and to meet the Jewish community of their religious needs as is the monitoring of the products used and consumed according to the Jewish dietary rules.

It also has different partner institutions that project not only within to provide social support and educational, social and religious activities internally in the community, but also to the Costa Rican society in general by helping to promote social welfare as they do the pro-Israel Ladies Charity, whose activities cover the entire national territory.

The Israeli Center Association was declared Public Utility Association in 1984.

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