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Address: Centro Medellin
Phonenumber: + 57 (4) 212 20 06 / Mobile: + 57 300 2698121
Mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Derej Torah is a community constituted of different Jewish families from Medellin, and its metropolitan area.
This Community is located in Prado-Centro neighborhood, which is considered the historic patrimony and cultural district of Medellin.The architectural value of the place with its colonial touch, immortalizes the memory of all migrants and Jews who first established in this province, and more specifically in our city of Medellin...

The Institution integrates the Derej Torah Shul, hosting also our study center “Rabi Moshe Ben Maimon”.
This center offers programs about Judaism in general for people feeling attracted to the Judaism faith and/or Eretz Israel.

They also provide a Mikve service, and assistance to Jewish travelers.

The Derej Torah Community provides Jewish tourists with the following services:
* Lodging
* Kasher food

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