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Address: Ayacucho 1412
Phonenumber: 4805-2253
Mail: [email protected]

Luba Kosher Cafe, offers dairy and vegetarian gourmet menu, in a warm atmosphere where the good taste, personalized service and first class Kashrut, are all combined.

Strictly Kasher LaMehadrin, Chalav and Bishul Israel, with absolute confidence attendees will be delighted by their coffees, pastry, assorted sandwiches, hot dishes, soups and delicious exotic fruit smoothies, together with their already famous homemade breads.

They prepare the foods daily from scratch, in their own kitchen, using fresh ingredients, carefully selected by their team of specialized Chefs, under the constant supervision of a Mashgiach.

They offer breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.

From Sunday to Thursday: from 09:00 hs 24:00 hs.
Fridays 09:00 -17: 00 Hs.
Saturdays from 1 Hs. After Shabbat until 02:00 Hs.

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