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Address: Manuel Antonio Matta 624

It is the oldest Jewish community in Santiago since 1905.

In the beginning was an Orthodox synagogue, but currently has a conservative style.

The birth of the Jewish Benevolent Society Bikur Jolim emerges from the alliance of several Jewish institutions in the early twentieth century, between the years 1905-1908, living at that time, a succession of openings and closings, characteristic of the sensitivity of each kehila.
Just at the beginning of the 30s the current building opened in Avda. Matta 624, becoming a center of activities and reception of Jews fleeing the Second World War in Europe.

During these years, the Bikur Holim was the meeting place of important activities in the Jewish life cycle, the Brit, the Bar Mitzvah, the Jupa and Shiva.
It is very common to hear many Jews remember how they played in the Bicur Jolim, remember the sink and fishes for Tajlit, remembering their visits to the synagogue with Bobe and Zeide, to pray and to socialize with other Jews. Most of the families living in Santiago, have lived a family history in this institution.

Currently, the Bikur Jolim is the only Jewish institution that is held in Santiago Downtown Area, because the remaining Jewish institutions have migrated to the East, higher income areas.

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