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Address: Comandante Malbec 13210
Phonenumber: (562) 240 5000- Fax: (562) 243 6244
Mail: [email protected]

The April 16, 1997, the Jewish Community of Santiago acquired the Mercaz Kehilati, where today are held all community activities.

Its mission is to provide the whole community and full Jewish community development under the values of the Conservative Movement, to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

It´s History:
On 29 September 1909, the Foundational Act of the Israelite Union of Chile was submitted before Chilean justice. Its labor was mainly dedicated toward ensuring Jewish traditional life.
However, some elements of the community believed social life should take a more important role and proposed the creation of a social club.
The Israelite Union of Chile decides to merge with the Commertial Welfare Center, taking the name of "Israelite Center", decision that was made official on 18 December 1919.

In 1916 another organization is born under the name of Israelite Talmud Torah Congregation, stressing as its objectives to develop Jewish religious and educational work.
So, in 1919 there were two organizations: The Israelite Commercial Center and the Israelite Talmud Torah Congregation, which merge in 1920 into a single organization that is then called Israelite Circle.
Some years later, was created a new organization, which they name Chevra Kadisha Israelite Religious, Moral and Cultural Society, in May 1931. The old synagogue of the Community, located on Serrano Street was built in 1953 and demolished in the year 2010.

On 28 April 1964, this organization is renamed Ashkenazi Israelite Community of Santiago, Kehila.

On 16 August 1982 the Israelite Community of Santiago is founded.
On 16 April 1992, the Israelite Community of Santiago acquired the Merkaz Kehilati (Community Center) which all community activities take place today. Of this historical relationship, it can be said that the Israelite Community of Santiago is today the successor to the first Jewish organization created in the country.

Rabbi: Eduardo Waingortin, Gustavo Kelmeszes, Ari Sigal
Jazan: Ariel Foigel

Shabbat service: 19.30hs.

Shajarit Shabbat: 9.30hs.

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