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Address: avenida corrientes 2300, caba


85 people were killed, over 300 injured and painful years of impunity, are the consequence of the terrorist attack that destroyed the building of AMIA, the July 18, 1994 at 9:53 a.m., in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires.

From early 2015, the Pasteur subway station Buenos Aires changed its name to "Pasteur - AMIA - Memory Station".

Many of those who died that day passed through this subway station.
The Pasteur - AMIA station is witness what happened and therefore a natural site of memory and tribute to the victims.

The Illustrated Memory Project brings together 26 murals by 25 artists that approach the subject of the AMIA bombing, the demands for justice and the need to exercise memory to stop work and corrosive impunity.

The walls of the platforms became a public exhibition of murals alluding to Memory and Justice, through the exhibition "Memory Illustrated", in which the following artists participated:
Caloi - Ceo - Corne - Crist - Daniel Paz - Emiliano Miliyo - Fontanarrosa - Grondona White - Jorh - Langer - Leon Gieco - Liniers - Luis Campos - Maitena - Miguel Rep - Napo - Pati - Pito Campos - Rocambole - Rudy - Sabat - Sendra - Sergio Izquierdo Brown - Tute - Buenos Aires Stencil -

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