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Address: Av. Horacio 1722
Phonenumber: (+5255) 91129950
Mail: [email protected]

Rabbis: Marcelo Rittner and Leonel Levy. On 15 July 1961 the first Kabalat Shabat took place among the congregants of what was from that point called Congregation Bet-El, in a rented home in Colonia Polanco. Around 200 families got together on that occasion, after interviews, assemblies and various gatherings in order to bring life into the first Spanish-speaking Conservative Movement synagogue in Mexico. Three years later, a piece of land where the main building of Bet-El Community is currently located was purchased to open its doors in 1965, still in the works. The community is currently growing, not only in terms of families but also physically. Another plot is being prepared for the construction of the new branch of Bet-El Bosques, in Vistahermosa.

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