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Address: Rua Pinheiro Machado 190

A public square dedicated to the memory of Chaim Weitzman located in one of the top residential neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro.

It has a bust of the first President of Israel in the center of the square.

The construction project for a square in memory of Weizman was carried out by Dr. Carlos Flexa Ribeiro, then Minister of Education of the State of Guanebara.

Next to the square there is a municipal school named after Anne Frank.

This school is part one a Network of Schools Anne Frank, the CONIB with other organizations selected to give them that name in her honor.

The project aims to promote the values represented by Anne Frank, taking public schools in Brazil as a production and dissemination of a culture of peace, respect for diversity and human rights.

There are five schools named after Anne Frank in the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and Palmas.

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