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The Jewish Museum of Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1977 after the donation of a menorah (a seven-branched candelabrum and one of the main symbols of Judaism) is a dynamic cultural center, integrated into life in the city through activities structured towards the dual objective of preserving memory and promoting Jewish culture. It runs regular exhibits on the history of the Jewish community in Rio and Jewish traditions in its religious, cultural and historical aspects. Its activities take place in the Museum's facilities as well as in other organizations. It promotes academic research in matters related to migration and it organizes annual competitions for students. It also includes a Study Center that conducts research on migration and the Holocaust, a video archive with over a thousand films and a library. Visiting times: Mondays to Thursdays 10 am to 4 pm, Fridays from 10am to 2pm. Entry is $10, $5 for students. Free for children under 10 and people above 80.

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