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Address: Castro Barros 329

Bakery with great history for the Jewish colony of Medanos.

One of the children of the Ordines family, currently the owners of the store, takes the orders and helps the costumers in the bakery.

They sell the same crackers as Ezequiel Goldin, the first owner of the store, used to make in the 50s.

"He used to transform eleven bags of flour (each weighing 60 kilograms) into bread every day. Because of fermentation the bread would come out sweet, like Yiddish bread, the way it is supposed to be", says Perla, one of Ezequiel's four daughters.

Her father died in 1994. An active member of the Jewish community, many remember him because he had learnt to play the shofar.

The old tiles, the oven, the high cieling and some of the racks that currently display the pastries are the same ones from Goldin's time.

If you pass through Medanos, don't forget to stop by and try the braided bread.

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