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Address: Estado De Israel 894
Phonenumber: 03409- 420397- 420581
Mail: [email protected]

Community lodging in Moises Ville.

Rural housing a few blocks away from the main square, completely new and equipped facilities.

It can receive up to 70 people, with private and shared rooms. 12 bathrooms. Unique setting located in Moises Ville that provides comfort, nature and offers diverse cultural activities for all kinds of people who are attracted to the experience.

A place to rest, far away from the noise and stress of the big city with the possibility to enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town as well as the ambiance of a Jewish village filled with history in the province of Santa Fe.

Moises Ville is the first Jewish agricultural settlement in Argentina (1889).
It was declared a National Historical Town on 13 April 1999 through Executive Decree number 339/99.

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