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Address: Canelones 1084
Phonenumber: Tel /fax: (598) 2 6227223
Mail: [email protected]

The Shoa Museum - Uruguay was founded in 1953 as the first one of its kind in South America.

The organization started out with the name 'Victims of Nazism', and was later renamed 'Survivors of Nazism'.
After the Second Generation joined the group, they reached the name of Holocaust Memorial Center and, since 1994, took the additional name of Friends of Yad Vashem Association.

There are photographic exhibits, as well as documentation, maps, videos, books and original objects.

The Holocaust Memorial Center is mainly run by Holocaust survivors.
It also involves members of the second and third generation, and is open to anyone who supports its goals.
A wide range of activities take place here:

* Shoa Museum - Uruguay: there are regular tours and lectures from survivors aimed at educational organizations: public and private schools, universities and youth movements.

The Holocaust Memorial Center was also involved and continues to be so in the 'Every Person Has a Name' Project.
Until 2003, a total of approximately 3500 names were sent to Yad Vashem.

It was also part of the project started by Steven Spilberg through his Foundation "Visual History of Shoa Survivors".
In Uruguay they obtained 130 testimonies, that joined more than 50,000 testimonies collected around the world.

It sponsors and sometimes organizes commemorations related to the Shoa. It worked with youth who were part of March of the Living. Among other activities, it publishes books on the Holocaust.

Guided tours can be arranged through the following e-mail address: [email protected]

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