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Address: 5ta. avenida entre 1ra y Juarez, Altos Plaza del Sol
Phonenumber: +1 (305) 432-2406 +1 (516) 596-8906 Cells: +52
Mail: [email protected]

Rabbis: Rabbi David Caplin and Rabbi Shalom Peleg.

Cozumel has always had a local Jewish community, though not a very active one, until January 2009 when Chabad opened its doors.
Since its creation, the Jewish community of Cozumel has been prosperous, with weekly Shabat services, including community meals, weddings, bar mitzvah ceremonies and much more.

The Chabad house offers daily prayer services (three times a day), meals and gatherings (practically every evening), a children's day school, Camp Gan - summer program in Israel-, Torah lessons, women's classes and basically anything you might need or want.

The Chabad house provides lodging or hundreds of visitors on every holiday and over 60 people every Shabat for a meal. It offers

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