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Address: Picota 52 Esquina Acosta
Phonenumber: 053-7-861-3495
Mail: [email protected]

Adath Israel is the only orthodox synagogue in Cuba.

Shacharit 8am (every day except for Shabbat),
Mincha and Maariv 6.30pm (every day except for Sundays)
Kabalat Shabbat 6.30pm
Shabat Shacharit 9am
Seuda Shelishit 6.30pm.

History: When the Jews of Russia and Poland arrived in Havana after World War I, the only Ashkenazi synagogue in the city was the United Hebrew Congregation, too liberal for their taste in the fulfilment of religious services, and with a high number of English-speaking members, which made the new comers uncomofrtable.

In 1923 Ben Sion Sofer started a minyan in his apartment, located at 17 Paola Street (in Bajos). In 1925 that minyan created Congregation Adath Israel, located at 103 Jesus Maria St.

The first Rabbi of the congregation was Zvi Kaplan (1864-1939). He had migrated to Cuba in 1928. In 1928 Kaplan founded Knesseth Israel where he took on the position of Rabbi until his death in 1939.

While Adath Israel was in 103 Jesus Maria St., Knesseth Israel stood in the next building, in 105 Jesus Maria. In February 1949, twenty years after this split, both congregations united under a new name: Ahdut Israel (Unity of Israel). Meir Rosenbaum became their Rabbi.

Still in 1949, many Ashkenazi Jews remained in Old Havana. They decided that a new synagogue would be built in the corner of Picota and Acosta.

The new building included a prayer hall with six hundred seats, a mikveh and a hall for activities. The first stone was placed in April 1956. Construction was done by 9 October 1959.

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