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Address: Granada, Nicaragua
Phonenumber: (505) 88431089
Mail: [email protected]

Kurt Preiss - Board President

CIN was founded in Managua, Nicaragua in June 6 1965, even though Jews have been living in Nicaragua since 18th century, it was only in 1965 that the Jewish community was established officially as CIN.
Today the majority of Jews are new-comers, mainly retirees from the USA. The only remaining Jews from the original founders of CIN are Bernardo Sehtman Gorn, Kurt Preiss and Elena Pataky.

There are approximately 50 Jews in Nicaragua the majority of them live in the colonial city of Granada.
There is not an established synagogue even though there is a Sefer Torah in the home of Veronica and Kurt Preiss.

There is a "Jewish library" which is kept and managed by Kevin Cohen in his restaurant "Imagine" which is very famous because it holds tribute to John Lennon.

There is a Jewish cemetery in Granada, but it is no longer used as a burial place for Jews, because it has become an intereligious cemetery.
They also have a Jewish cemetery in Managua which is run by CIN with contributions.

For religious activities and services they rent space in different places to congregate or meet in members homes. They have High Holiday services, Passover Seders among others like Shabbat and Holiday celebrations.

They are very welcome to donations, also books related to Jewish matters, siddurim and machsorim for services in Spanish and English.
They welcome new members which are Jewish or have a conversion certificate issued by a rabbi, all others will be considered participant members.

One of the members has a mikve in his vacation retreat which can be used for ritual matters.

** For Kosher meals, contact to Beit Chabad in San Juan del Sur.

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