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Address: Location Rua Tenente Possolo, 8 Centro (20230-160)
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Type: Ashkenazi.

The Great Israelit Synagogue of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful synagogues in the city. The first built specifically for that purpose, part of the history of the Yishuv.
In the past, it had its apogee as a point of reference for Jews in Rio de Janeiro.

The design was developed in 1919 by the architect Mario Vodred.
The architect would have been inspired by the great synagogue of Trieste and the project bears some resemblance to the great synagogue of Florence.

The Synagogue was inaugurated in 1932.
Most of the Carioca Jewish community was then nearby, Plaza Onze.

The Great Synagogue is a major expression of the historical identity of the Carioca and Brazilian Jewish community.

The architecture is solemn and monumental. The paintings evocative of biblical scenes are expressive and it has a beautiful mosaic panel, which frames the Aron Hakodesh.
The mosaics were executed in 1976 by the artist Humberto Cozzo.

It collapsed in 1987, but was reopened and restarted its activities, offering celebrations of the Jewish calendar, special events and sightseeing.

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