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Phonenumber: 607-603 / 624-621 Cel: (0981) 630-034
Mail: [email protected]

It is a bilingual school (Spanish-English) that belongs to the Jewish community and is open to general society. State of Israel School (CEI in Spanish) opened its doors 50 years ago with the aim of providing quality education, transmitting the values of Jewish tradition and offering a framework of security and emotional support for students and their families. Once located in a beuilding in the center of the city and thanks to the joint labor of volunteers and professionals, CEI earned a remarable place within the educational environment, with graduates who have gone on to be recognized in the University context. In late 2009 the school was re-founded after it moved to a rapidly developing area in the city, with systematic advice from Tarbut School in Argentina, which provides training, programs, auditing and educational guarantee.

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