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The Province of Entre Rios was a privileged part of the process through which in the late 19th century and early 20th century, thousands of Jewish immigrants left fear and persecution behind, to leave space for hope in a land that promised them freedom and work.

The Jewish Colonization Association (JCA) created by Baron Maurice Hirsch set the bases for Jewish colonization in Argentina, which was based on an agricultural project that was developed in different provinces of the country.

This initiative was the cause of the foundation of dozens of towns, such as San Gregorio, Villa Dominguez, Carmel, Ing. Miguel Sajaroff, Villa Clara and Basavilbaso, among others, and the creation of several schools, hospitals, temples, libraries, and cooperatives, many of which are active today.

* Villa Clara
* Villaguay
* Villa Dominguez
* San Gregorio
* Carmel
* Ingeniero Sajaroff
* Basavilbaso.

Visitors are received in each place by members of the communities.
For adequate organization it is recommended to travel in groups and to reserve the dates in advance.

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