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Address: Serrano 341
Phonenumber: 4855-4200
Mail: [email protected]

It is a pluralistic Jewish organization. We develop an educational proposal that covers Kindergarten, elemntary School and High school levels, as well as a Non formal Education Department that works with students and their parents. Around 1000 students attend the school that works both in the morning as well as in the afternoon, providing an excelent, pluralistic, secular Jewish education, in a framework of respect and appreciation for diversity. In 1934 a very important event developed in the Jewish community of Argentina with the birth of ZWISCHO (Central Organization of Secular Jewish Schools), which set forward an unprecedented educational program: the Scholem Aleichem network of schools, which would a few years later become the largest one in Latin America. During the 60s, the Ministry of Education began to implement a pilot program to trasnsform public schools into institutions that would work both in the morning as well as in the afternoon, which meant a problem for Scholem Aleijem Schools, which had been initially conceived as complementary schools. That is how the integral school model starts, beginning in Ramat Shalom and later on in Serrano. It is the model that is working until today. Dozens of thousands of students were shaped in its class rooms, in the kindergarten, elementary school and high school. Hundreds took part in its Summer Camp in Kinderland and in Ramat Shalom, in its evening and weekend courses, in its dance lessons and sporting events, in its choirs and theater groups, in its courses for parents and graduation parties in Serrano 341 and also in the schools of Mataderos, Florida and Montevideo, among others, in its youth movement activism and today in Nofesh and Habonim Dror. Hundreds of students graduated and went on to become teachers, carrying on their educational work around all of the Jewish world. Thousands became activists and parents of students who were and still are part of the ranks of volunteers who helped throughout its history with their time and efforts to guarantee the existence of our educational organizations. The values that our founders, activists and educators gave us were not in vane. Scholem Aleijem Schools forged legions of men and women who actued and act for the sake of their communities, especially in Argentina and Israel.

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