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Address: Centro Comercial Galerías Sebucán.

Cafe Hilel in Sebucán Galleries. Intended for the Jewish community and the general public who wishes to taste from the best american-style hamburger, hot dogs, fajitas, Babaganoush, Humus, Tehina, Falafel, Matzo Ball Soup, even chinese rice and roasted chicken. Everything is made with the most exquisite and fine spices brought directly from Israel. You will also be able to enjoy the most extraordinary Parve desserts, such as lemon and banana pie, chocolate mousse, brownies and ice cream. It also has a great variety of imported products, such as pickes, mashed eggplants, barbecue sauce, exotic spices, and the most delicious cold cuts, both vacuum packed and on trays. Cafe Hilel has a large venue with VIP area, where you can meet with friends and family and have an excellent time, enjoying the good food and pleasant environment. Enjoy the presence of its creator and main chef, Moisés Azerraf.

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