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One of the most popular historic sites on the island of Nevis is the Jewish Cemetery located on Government Road in Charlestown. The nineteen surviving grave markers spanning the period from 1679 to 1730 are the most visible reminder of the island's former Jewish community. In the cemetery the visitor may gaze upon carved inscriptions in Hebrew, English, and Portuguese that bear testimony to the experiences of a religious group whose exodus was forced. Today the cemetery is surrounded by a containment wall. The conservation of the cemetery took place due to the efforts of late Rabbi Malcolm Stern who, after visiting the cemetery while travelling on a cruise in 1957, wrote an article about it for the American Jewish Archives magazine. The article caught the attention of Robert and Florencia Abrahams from Phiadelphia, who bought a house on Nevis and organized a fund for the restoration of the cemetery. Thanks to their efforts the cemetery was re-opened on 25 February 1971. Fifteen of the nineteen tombstones have indecipherable inscripctions.

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