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Address: en el distrito de Pará , a unos 50 km al sur de la capital
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In 1669, the Dutch David Nassy granted the right to establish a Jewish colony that was later known as Jodensavanne (Jewish Savannah).

Jodensavanne became the pillar of the Jewish community of Suriname.

In 1685 a second synagogue was built over a hill in Jodensavanne and was, following an interpretation of the Talmud, the tallest building in the town of Jodensavanne. It was by Suriname River's eastern bank, a position that was convenient to access the water that flows naturally for purification rituals.

They named it Beracha Shalom (blessing of peace in Hebrew).

It was made of bricks that were imported from abroad.

Beracha Shalom was 90 feet long, 40 feet wife and 33 feet tall and had a sand floor. In 1694, the Jewish community had grown to around 570 people, and developed many sugar plantations.

The building was used as Beit Haknesset (place of worship or synagogue), as a Beit Din (Justice Court) and as a Beit Midrash (study house).

The synagogue served the community for over 100 years and 80 more years as a symbol until 1865. On 10 September 1832 a fire swept through the town and reduced all the houses to ash, including the 147-year-old synagogue.

Due to its isolated location, the place has been neglected and deteriorated with the years.
The synagogue and the two cemeteries are the main places in Joden Saanne.

Today it is possible to visit the old cemetery of Jodensavanne, the cemetery of Cassipora and the ruins of the historical synagogue.

Thanks to the Jodensavanen Foundation, a non-profit organization, that mantaines and preserves this unique site, it is currently well kept and a visit to Jodensavanne, its Bracha Shalom Synagogue and the cemeteries are of huge historical value and a fascinating experience, certainly a high point in any visit to Suriname.

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